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Start working

Dear reader, I like knowing that your interest in open collaborative environments has led you here. Sure you share my way of seeing things, and I bet you are wanting something to be able to work freely. In a socio-economic system like ours it may be too much to say, or maybe not. While our ego does not admit it, we are slaves of the capitalist system and as such we all are exploited by our owners. I know that virtually all the media tell us that we are free, but this is just a new way of chaining.

So let’s break the chains, and start here. Tell me, what is what prevents that you with your PC, your connection to the network and your circumstances, can not offer a well paid intellectual service? We live in times of teamwork, so to begin you will have to agree with a good group of people. What hypocrisy!

The crisis of the 29 questioned the capitalist system and the current also. However, the proposed systems in its time and based on the dictatorship of the proletariat are obsolete. Long ago the working class could only think of seizing power using what I had on hand, tools like the hammer and sickle, but today technology has to allow the approach of a new economic model.

In fact, it is the need of teamwork which involves the existence of entrepreneurs, because, what is a company? Have you ever thought about what would happen if all the workers of a company formed a working group? They would do exactly the same, only without the boss, so they would have more to distribute among all.

But, here is the problem of teamwork, without shirking. If we collect all the same, why would I work harder? Well, for the same reason, no one will give ideas on ways in which it could implement an open collaborative environment. While it is true that such an environment, once implemented, would reward the best work.

It was the need for teamwork in developing the software which in past decades led to the existence of monopolies and their response. While free software is a good idea, certain propietary distributions make that is perceived as a business model whose only barrier is its rival, which suggests the need to go a little further.

Let’s find a new development model, which no reward to anyone other than the author. To begin, the programmer, because first of all it is need to develop an environment. It is viable, even more so with the free distribution of existing web services, how easy it is now getting a host, etc.

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