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Technology at easy reach

Without the support of the free software world to start a similar project may seem utopian, but the progress already is long enough to think about its viability. Recently I discovered Tornado,

a good way to start.


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New model for musicians

The term “music industry” and the business model associated with it is becoming obsolete. Unconsciously, we are looking for a new form of creativity away from what we consider as obvious. The use of the Internet involves a change of behavior that should be considered positive and not otherwise. Actually, the musicians are those who will benefit from the possibility of making contributions in a free manner. Compensate the music but not record companies fits in the philosophy we are trying to promulgate.

Traditionally it was thought that a song is fixed, moored and unchangeable, as the proprietary software. But this does not have to be this way. The purpose of musical scores written by the great composers of the past was that his work was read, interpreted or listened by someone else. No one would have to prevent anyone to extend or modify these works. In fact, any composer is unconsciously influenced by the music he has heard before and uses portions of earlier compositions to make new contributions. Legal recognition of a work like brand new is somewhat subjective and incoherent. I have no concrete historical data which refer to, but before anyone decides to exercise any deprivation of a musical composition, the songs were popular domain, as well as spoken language, the song itself existed when it was sang, going from of each other in a completely free way. This is the natural essence of music, free.

With new technologies there is the possibility that musical works are recognized for its author and also freely available on them. I could start from Pachelbel’s Canon, create a new rock version and my new work would contain both the contributions of Pachelbel like mine. It could change a single note and may be sufficient.

Another important aspect in terms of freedom for a musician is the possibility to play any song. There may be good composers and good interpreters, so that live music would take a new approach, closer to free music, not the music industry.

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Free Professions

This section aims to show the importance of our purpose. It is not only an environment for programmers. Obviously, any programmer should aspire freedom with great enthusiasm, and it is essential to have the support of a good free programming community, but our goal is more ambitious. Potentially, involves political, economic and social changes, which may be difficult to prove and more to analyze from a practical experience, but in any case must be taken into account.

For this, we intend to have the support and collaboration of many people, at all levels. Writers, musicians, painters, etc. And not just in the intellectual sphere, expand our thinking to all professions can benefit any worker. Still more, can arrive at a true universal democratic system.

In subsequent entries is to explain this by illustrative examples . In principle, based on my views on every issue, but any positive contribution is welcome.

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