Let’s make cars

Recently, spontaneous social movements have emerged for a change of socioeconomic model, in line with what has been said in this blog and reflecting a majority sentiment, empowering the people.

But it is necessary that people of the global village in which we live be able of exerting force upon the oppressors. Of course, without using violence. In times when oppression was violent the most appropriate response was a violent revolution, but today we find ourselves in encapsulation of true power, which makes inappropriate a violent response because the pseudodemocratic capsule imposed by manipulated media would end up giving the reason to the oppressors.

The owners of the world are “the markets “, to which we must tell about give our money back, but not even let us talk. Because these people, with name, are hidden behind this situation it is necessary a way of exerting force on them so people take back the power they deserve.

A good simile for programmers is the GNU operating system, an alternative to digital colonization imposed by proprietary software. In so far that everyone uses free software, great monopoly power will be diminished and computer users will be able to take control of their computer.

Translating this philosophy into social and economic model it is possible to propose alternatives to disempower the owners of the markets. For example, let’s consider one of the symbols of capitalism, Ford, the car fabrication company. It is known that if we give the means of production to the proletarian class we would be facing the failure of the soviet model, but this does not prevent may be proposed new efficient forms.

Consider making cars, given the energy crisis caused by the owners of the markets, cars based on hydrogen fuel cells. In order to build a production plant is needed a significant investment, but if it is done by anyone who wants to provide what he considers appropriate, does not necessarily entail any disorder. One can thus think of free investors and entrepreneurs and face the work of the entrepreneur as a teamwork.

Once be having an alternative, the support of people would unset the market, at least in the automotive. But it is possible to think of solutions for all and each one of the “markets”, and I consider it very important channeling through this way the social demands arising spontaneously.

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