There is no room for controversy

If you are using a free browser on a free operating system to read this post you will be aware of the importance of freedom against proprietary solutions, which nowadays extend to the term cloud computing to which is mistakenly assigned in his own concept the idea of privacy. I invite everyone to freely edit the publication which appeared on Wikipedia.

Yes, there are lots of collaborative environments already in place, such as LotusLive from IBM, Windows Azure from Microsoft, Google Docs or Google Code Playground, all of them extremely interesting. However the innovative approach does not lies in the form but in substance. Just one of the engineers who created the IBM PC, Mark Dean, predicts the end of an era in his last blog entry. If proprietary software has caused controversy in front of the free software when all consistent reasoning looks for the free options, as progress is made towards a megacomputer distributed by the universal network, it is necessary that the path made by the free software community can be useful for free choice is the only one among all possible.

Is time for think of the OSI reference model, becouse it was designed to break the usual barriers in proprietary solutions. It is essential the existence of a physical layer upon which mount the entire network infrastructure, for those who find it more difficult abstracting, the physical level is equivalent in the case of the simile of the roads to earth surface. This level necessarily have to be implemented by means of what in this blog has been calling as telecommunication infrastructure and for this reason must be public and universal access, as well as water or air.

The remaining levels can be implemented either by hardware or by software. Intuitively it is expected that the levels closest to the user be more flexible, while the levels closest to the physical layer be more rigid and therefore closer to their public condition. In fact, it is abstract levels, so that the boundaries are fuzzy, but in any case it is important to associate a parallel abstraction model to the OSI model, not related to technology but to privacy.

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