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According to Richard Stallman (II)

I have reasons for not translating this article into English, so please try to understand in Spanish.


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Social Tool

Sometimes I read some pages of the work of Karl Marx and I find great thoughts. It is curious how previously I was not aware of what the word socialism meant. I used to associate the idea of socialism to solidarity one, because to some extent they are related and this is the concept that is perceived through the media. It is also true that a social link involves a bond of solidarity, but they are two different concepts.

And the fact is that as a result of the reflections of Marx, communist regimes were established in many countries, practical approaches that ended up failing and allowing the extension of capitalism throughout the world. However, this failure has also shown the inconsistency of the capitalist system, now more than ever.

It is true that an employment relationship entails social bonds and that the money used to commercial exchanges proves to be a very imprecise tool, but it is more true that systemic solutions proposed in past centuries are doomed to failure. Although this should not surprise anyone because, has anyone ever wondered what is a social link?

I would have liked knowing the ideas of Marx influenced by Freudian perception of the human unconscious, as well as new research on the so called Dunbar’s number or the potential that ICTs are demonstrating today. Although we can think ourselves.

One should think first in a form of exchange much more advanced than money. Actually money is just information so in the era of information society we can not stay in the methods of the past, much less when everyone uses the mobile phone regularly. Can be posed equivalence equations all complex you can think that allow the exchange of goods and services automatically, just only having the mobile phone operational. The error is in thinking that the solution can be simple, but nobody has said it was.

So I can think of a perhaps highly ambitious project but worthy of being taken into account by all who read this post and perceives it as viable. It must start from a society of a number of inhabitants lower than in Dunbar where the spontaneous and instinctive behavior of all its members makes things work socially. As in “big brother” and without any of its members were aware, as this may disrupt their behavior, they would be observed carefully. This behavior should serve as a model to correct the deviations that social conduct of human being undergoes when the number of inhabitants is increased, such as the misappropriation of surplus caused by greed, the consideration of exploited as “other” etc. Like a buddhist reaches the emotional harmony through meditation, a database managed properly can serve as a prosthesis to relieve our natural deficiencies.

Sure, in order to get enough practical information it takes several generations and since is intended an efficient change of the economic model is not viable a method that requires analyzing the evolution of a society in real time. So a practical solution is to have several parallel societies and analyze their evolution in a segmented way. Can even be make an estimation of the cost necessary and does not have to be very high.

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There is no room for controversy

If you are using a free browser on a free operating system to read this post you will be aware of the importance of freedom against proprietary solutions, which nowadays extend to the term cloud computing to which is mistakenly assigned in his own concept the idea of privacy. I invite everyone to freely edit the publication which appeared on Wikipedia.

Yes, there are lots of collaborative environments already in place, such as LotusLive from IBM, Windows Azure from Microsoft, Google Docs or Google Code Playground, all of them extremely interesting. However the innovative approach does not lies in the form but in substance. Just one of the engineers who created the IBM PC, Mark Dean, predicts the end of an era in his last blog entry. If proprietary software has caused controversy in front of the free software when all consistent reasoning looks for the free options, as progress is made towards a megacomputer distributed by the universal network, it is necessary that the path made by the free software community can be useful for free choice is the only one among all possible.

Is time for think of the OSI reference model, becouse it was designed to break the usual barriers in proprietary solutions. It is essential the existence of a physical layer upon which mount the entire network infrastructure, for those who find it more difficult abstracting, the physical level is equivalent in the case of the simile of the roads to earth surface. This level necessarily have to be implemented by means of what in this blog has been calling as telecommunication infrastructure and for this reason must be public and universal access, as well as water or air.

The remaining levels can be implemented either by hardware or by software. Intuitively it is expected that the levels closest to the user be more flexible, while the levels closest to the physical layer be more rigid and therefore closer to their public condition. In fact, it is abstract levels, so that the boundaries are fuzzy, but in any case it is important to associate a parallel abstraction model to the OSI model, not related to technology but to privacy.

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According to Richard Stallman

I have reasons for not translating this article into English, so please try to understand in Spanish.

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Free Programming Logo

To design a logo is very useful to use Gimp, since it has sufficient features as to create an appropriate graph. In addition, it is free software.

Free Programming Logo

When I drew this, purported to represent the idea of adding contributions, simply writing code, so that the support structure must be free. I think the perspective view better reflects this idea.


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Free Software, Free Hardware and Free Network

If you are reading right now this post is because you have a number of resources that allow you to do it. First, to read an electronic document, you need an appropriate device. Today personal computers are universally known, so much to talk about writing or reading begins to be more related to the electronic option than to traditional paper. In addition, the Internet has become so popular than the personal computer concept is practically linked to a network connection.

But the use of new technologies has a cost, and it may be necessary to clarify why they might arise commercial giants around them. Think of the free software movement, which emerged for more than two decades and whose main objective is to prevent digital colonization associated with proprietary software. When first personal computers began to appear commercially, its use supposed an intellectual challenge, worthy of great scientists. This led to the development of operating systems able to convert to computers in simple use machines. Thus, the first programmers contributed freely to the development of the first operating systems facing as any another scientist challenge whose improvement would suppose a collective benefit. This disinterested intellectual contribution was used by a private initiative, by establishing software licenses, getting a commercial party and sticking out near-monopoly position in the new software market. Then we may assume that the commercial success of this new giant emerged stealing intellectual property of the great scientists through legal strategies.

Over time, its commercial success has made that proprietary software become a component built into the computer. Marketing strategies make that in all business premises any personal computer equipped with a proprietary operating system, apparently free and allegedly having a clearly specified cost. But in reality the cost of the operating system is embedded in the price of computer hardware from any manufacturer. In fact, the price of hardware would be much lower without the marketing strategies. So we should think about how much related are hardware and software and in the Free Hardware concept, closely linked with Free Software.

What is needed to produce hardware? Money, no doubt, but never so much as which affects its price. In any case, the hardware production is automated, so if you think in massive terms would never be too expensive. As for the design stage, it would take more than hundreds of engineers working together, which is no problem if you have an open collaborative environment. Some distributors of free software finance their businesses through the production of additional services. Produce hardware competitive enough to locate a free operating system is a much more profitable. No one can speak of Free Software if there is no Free Hardware.

The third concept necessarily tied to the previous two is the Free Network. In my opinion Telecommunications Infrastructures must be public. For the same reason that in any nation communication platforms are considered as public, should be the same way with the telematic communication platforms, or at least in part. To make progress in this aspect would need to convince many governments in many of the most influential countries in the world, which seems to go against the direction they have decided to take.

I remember another time when mobile telephony was not so widespread, when to communicate with someone far away actually supposed to connect to it and to some extent overcome the barrier of distance made you feel a little freer. Today’s networks are similar to those of a fisherman where the fish are left with no choice but to get caught. In essence, the owners of the new technologies allow us to end up trapped in their commercial networks, paying for communicating to say nothing when we do not want and making telecommunications particularly sophisticated chains from which we can not let go.

If a computer is nothing without the software, nor is it without an Internet connection, but the providers of this service are mainly large multinational which marketing strategies may, or may not, be linked to other large companies.

It seeks to extend the concept of Free Software, to ensure that any person can make an intellectual contribution finding no barrier, that their contribution is legally recognized internationally, that the scientific community doesn’t see their progress slowed due to market speculation, that intellectual effort involves an appropriate financial compensation, extend its application to any field, intellectual or otherwise, that new technologies are a tool of liberation and not the reverse …

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First approaches

Maybe I need to concrete a little more the general idea of our purpose. It is about developing an open collaborative environment, in the same spirit of free software. While there is a multitude of web services already developed, our solution can be completely innovative.

Its scope must be international and be outside governments, but of course, respecting its rules. Therefore, the registration by a user must involve the appropriate tax identification used by the relevant country. The compensation must meet international standards, and all in an automated manner, i.e. the service has to order it.

One of the strengths must be the intellectual property rights. In addition to its potential complexity in implementing the management, it is necessary to be able to get an international legal recognition similar to the GPL, but more complete.

They are small ideas, first approximations, but as seen, it is necessary teamwork, even to start thinking about the project to be developed.

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